It’s all about doing the right thing for your business.

You get a common sense, personalized approach.

Instead of offering you cookie-cutter solutions and a pre-determined expensive long list of must-do projects, I always consider your business’s unique goals, needs and resources. You get strategies and a targeted team that makes sense for your organization and available resources.

You receive my full attention.

I’m selective about the number of clients with whom I work at any one time to keep thing manageable and ensure you have my personal attention when you need it.

You access extensive expertise.

I offer 20+ years of real-world, hands-on experience. We’re talking big picture awareness and extraordinarily good skills in the trenches. My background spans public relations, marketing, employee communications, executive and investor communications, social media, crisis communications, and much more. I also have a wide network of seasoned professionals who I can call on for specialized expertise when needed.

You save money and time.

Using DKR as your go-to communications partner is one of the most cost-effective ways to access an extraordinary level of expertise for your business. You avoid having to bring on a new in-house hire or getting slammed by outrageous big agency markup prices.

You get my personal promise.

Although my broad expertise, knowledge of communications best practices and uncanny ability to properly use a semicolon are all critical to your business’s success, none are worthwhile without the following set of principles that serve as my company’s foundation. When you hire DKR, I promise to:

  • Deliver Quality — You can count on my best effort. Always.
  • Act with Honesty — You can count on hearing the truth. Always.
  • Communicate Openly — You can count on straightforward, clear and candid talk across all our interactions. Always.
  • Keep Promises — You can count on me doing what I say and when I say I’ll do it. Always.
  • Be Nice — You can count on respect, kindness and a smile. And sometimes even a laugh. Always.