Content Marketing: Don’t Be a Lemming


If you pay attention to marketing trends, you know that content marketing is H-O-T. Blogs, websites and thought leadership articles galore are devoted to the whys, how-tos, formats and best practices of growing a brand’s reputation and business via this tactic. (One of the easiest-to-understand explanations I’ve come across is “Content Marketing 101: How to […]

Communications Planning Lessons from the Sears Wish Book


As a kid, I eagerly awaited each year’s pre-holiday arrival of the Sears Wish Book. This cornucopia of toy ideas would keep the brothers and me captivated for hours as we prepared our extensive Santa list. Each time we thumbed through the catalog’s pages, our lists grew longer. When I figured out that I was […]

Why You Need a Communications Plan


Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline makes sense some of the time. If you’re standing at the end of the high dive with a line of people waiting behind you, you might as well take the plunge. If you suddenly see the girl/guy of your dreams getting up to leave at the next metro stop, you […]